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First-Generation Student Became Dean, Continues to Give Back

J. Barry Mason

Dr. J. Barry Mason

Dr. J. Barry Mason's involvement with The University of Alabama spans several decades. After earning his master's degree in 1964 and Ph.D. in 1967, he became a faculty member and later served as dean of the Culverhouse College of Business for 22 years. He even served as interim president of the University. Dr. Mason's impact on the Capstone has been profound, but you won't hear him bragging about his success—quite the opposite.

"I owe the University everything," he explains. "It's a cliché to say I'm truly blessed, but I mean that from my heart. Opportunities opened up for me here." Over the years, Dr. Mason has worked to open doors of opportunity for others. He is particularly interested in empowering first-generation students like him through scholarships and mentorships. He is also supporting students through a gift to the University in his estate plan.

"As you age, you begin to think about what matters, asking yourself, 'What kind of legacy will I leave behind?' Well, it's through the things that mean the most to you," he says. For Dr. Mason, that certainly includes UA. It brings him joy knowing that his estate gift will help ensure student success far into the future.

Vance Bristow, Assistant Vice President for Planned Giving, says this future support is just Dr. Mason's latest act of generosity. "We are deeply grateful to Dr. Mason for his many years of service and dedication," Bristow says. "His gift embodies the values of UA."

A Foundation for the Future

Join Dr. Mason in providing opportunities for others by making a meaningful gift to UA in your estate plan. Contact W. Vance Bristow at 205-348-4770 or to learn more.